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Forum Rules - Please Read!

  • Any visitor may browse the Forum, but only Registered Forum Members may post topics or respond with Comments. This is merely to reduce the chances of damage to Forum content, to control a bit who can access the community conversation.
  • Use the Register command on the top line Forum menu to register as a member. If you are not a member and make a request to post a topic or a comment, the System will ask you to register at that time.
  • Registering only takes a moment.
    • The only thing you have to provide is your chosen Username, your email address, and your chosen password. You will have to wait a moment for an email containing a clearance link to arrive. Once you click on that link, you will be able to log in. (You may want to have your email client open in another browser window.)
  • You can always log in as soon as you enter the Forum, or at any later time. If you try to contribute a Post or enter a Comment, you will have a chance to Register at that time. It really only takes a moment.
  • The Photo-Editing/Processing Software Listings are the top 5 Forum items. You can browse through them and enter comments if you are a Forum Member.
    • Please do not enter new Topics or Posts into the Software Listings.
    • If you do, I will simply delete these items.
  • The User-Suggested Software Suggestions and the General Discussion/Q&A Forums at the bottom of the forum menu are open for Members to add Topics and make Comments.