Marketing Your Photo Retouching Services

 Marketing your Photo Retouching Service

Let's suppose you decide to offer your photo retouching and restoration services to others, either for hire as a money-making freelancer, or even as a non-profit Good Samaritan? What to do? How to get out the word?

Well, in our current online environment,it's obvious that the Web can present you with cheap and easy promotional help, and help in publicizing your services,. The Web can be of great help, no matter whiatever market niche you decide to pursue.

Let me offer you some thoughts on some of the possibilities you might consider. Happily, these ideas are all generally:

  • Free or cheap,

  • Easy to learn and use, and,

  • Can effectively reach a general or specialized audience

Build yourself a Website 

First of all, you can do this inexpensively or even for free. The first thing you can do is to take a look at the variety of Web hosting services. There are literally tens of thousands of these, and many of them offer the Free or Cheap option. Remember that the hosting services don't have to be local. You really don't need too care if they are in your same town, across the USA, or in whatever "offshore" location. After all, you're outsourcing, which with the Internet means, you can pick your hosting service anywhere.

Locate Some Good Candidates, Fast

You might want to start off by searching Google for...
+free +web +host +(review best compare)
and begin looking over the possibilities. It's always wise to identify and use Web pages that have rated or reviewed Web hosting services, especially if they present results in comparative table format. (Makes for easy comparison.) They often include ratings from user service polls as part of their. Plus, when you've narrowed down to a first cut, you can look at the candidate company sites, and check out their own user feedback, as well as examine the Web sites hosted on that service.

Like everything on the Web, it pays to be careful about the source quality or credibility of such reviews or listings. Just for a start, here's some good examples of these kinds of reports:

Unless you're experienced with Website-building from scratch, you really should be looking for hosts that offer “free Website-buildier” modules. These are generally WYSIWYG HTML editors, that make Web-building as easy as using MS-Office or MS WordPress. Nope, it ain't lean & mean efficient HTML coding. But it's easy!

Go Ahead, Build Your Website

You know the routine, cheap or free, fast and easy. Just for an example, look over some of these:

Also take full advantage of social and web-shopping media. You know, Facebook, eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, local Web classified ads and such. Most all of these are free or way-cheap. You'll quickly learn which of these gets you the best results. Browse the sites linked above, and you'll see that most or many of these are not professional photographers or photo studios. Lots of them are hobbyists, retired, stay-at-home moms, students, etc. Yes, lots of them are charging $25, $30, and $50 per image, but just see how many are advertising at $3 - $10 per image. You know that's not to make a living; that's for beer money or buying the peanut butter!

Pick Out Some Target Audiences

Good plan, this. And it won't hurt to aim for groups that might be of interest to you, in any case. For example, you might profitably concentrate your marketing efforts on groups like:

  • Local teachers

  • Genealogist groups

  • County Historical Museum, Historical Societies, Libraries

  • Fraternal groups, e.g., Knights of Columbus, Elks, Masons, Eastern Star, etc.

  • Local Festivals, Beauty Contests, Auxiliaries, etc.

  • Professional or Social groups

Such target groups often have their own built-in publicity venues, such as Websites, building physical bulletin boards, club meetings (great places to host a wine & cheese table), etc. You'll also be building word-of-mouth and thus reaching “Just Plain People.” Plus you'll also be getting social invites, free meals, making useful connections in your region, whatever.

Deals and Trading

Yes, it's harder to turn down a bargain or a deal.

  • Try “2 for 1,” “Send me a customer and get one free,” “Discount for duplicate copies for family or associates,” and such.

  • Freebie for a Club, Society, Church, or some other group, and you get a gratis display card, Website listing, newsletter advertisement, etc.

  • Plain Ol' Bartering - “I'll make you one of these; you do …. for me.”

Trade for Website Listings or Banners

You've seen these kind of exchange-links on practically every website you can think of. You know, “I'll put you on mine, if you put me on yours.” Plus maybe offer special deals to the audience which frequests that website.Work hard on doing exchange on the websites of you regional target groups, as well as on local general websites. Try hard to get on organizational websites, churches, clubs, civic organizations, wherever.

Always shoot for getting a “before & after” example of your photo post-processing work, featuring a member of that group or organization. Along with a link to your site (and maybe a deal for a member of that market. BTW you needn't mention that that incredible retouching of the scratched image only took you 12 or 15 minutes.