How to use this Site

  1. The left column menu gives you an outline listing and links to all site pages. If there is a bullet icon at the left of a page title, you can click it to display lower page titles.
  2. A "bread crumbs" links list is always at the top left of the right-side Content frame. This list shows you where and at what outline level of the site you are located. (What pages are "above" you.)
  3. The Page Footer offers a Table of Contents link, plus "arrow" buttons which scroll you through the site pages, in page outline order.
  4. Page bottom right always displays the site email address and the date of last page revision.


This site was built with the Web Idea Tree site manager and builder. Pages are maintained with an outliner tool, and the program as well also contains an indexing tool to build a complete and detailed alphabetical site index. (Not used for this small site.)