About the DPM Website

The Digital Photo Magic (DPM) companion website augments and updates information provided in the book and offers a conveniently organized and hyperlinked list of recommended DPM resources.

Designed as a bonus for Digital Photo Magic readers, it emphasizes software and hardware products for library, archives, museum, and teaching professionals who need a quick and easy path to do-it-yourself digital photo retouching and restoration.

In addition to listing and linking the DPM products and services covered in the book, the website provides pointers to new DPM applications, hardware, post-processing techniques, and related topics by featuring the following:

  • A periodically updated organized collection of links to websites that provide information about DPM techniques, trends, and products
  • Concise summary reviews of DPM-recommended software products; reviews may include my original (and updated) evaluations and ratings as well as comments contributed by readers like you
  • A discussion area where readers can exchange ideas, opinions, suggestions, questions, and answers

I intend to update and maintain the companion website as a resource for as long as Digital Photo Magic readers continue their interest in this book and the solutions it offers.

Please send your comments, questions, and suggestions to author@update4dpm.com .