Important Scanning Workflow Guide

I highly recommend the Vuescan (TM) scanning software, from Hamrick Software, Inc., for your photo scanning. It is an excellent scanning program, and literally suited to hundreds of different dedicated scanning units and multipurpose printer/scanner units.

Vuescan author Ed Hamrick has also created an indispensible and concise guide to batch scanning operations. His...
Batch Scanning Tips"
document explains a practical and proven method for organizing your scanning workflow. Here follows the introductory text from that page on his site...

Batch Scanning Tips -
This page contains tips to help you do batch scanning – i.e. scanning multiple images, prints, negatives, or slides. It gives tips for saving time and optimizing quality.
There are tips for 
organizing your work, for using a step by step procedure, for turning off the preview, formaking things faster, for choosing file types, for choosing file names, for scanning photographs, and for scanning with a transparency adapter.

I recommend that anyone with more than just a few photos to scan for digital photo post-processing work, examine, print out, and really absorb Ed Hamrick's knowledge and methods.

And you definitely can't go wrong by purchasing and using the Vuescan software!